Our Big RV Troubles…

Well for those of you that haven heard about it already here is the story about our RV Problem…In April 2017 we stopped by the REV Group Service Center located in Decatur, IN. We had a list of items to be repaired/corrected, mostly minor items. Our 2016 Fleetwood Bounder was scheduled for 5 days initially. The techs got to work right away and did great work! The lead tech, Annie, on the first day said that she noticed the gap at the top of the frame-less windows on the driver’s side of the unit appeared to be too large(not on the list). So, on Tuesday they continued to work on the list as well as investigate the window gaps a little closer. By around 1000, they start at 0600, I received a phone call with the bad news.

The service adviser called me and said that we needed to talk as they had found mold due to the frame-less windows leaking. The cause was that when being manufactured the openings for the windows were cut in a “sloppy” manner and rather than correct it, the factory installed the windows as-is. It had been leaking since it was manufactured in November 2015. Lucky for us, we purchased it in July of 2016 and were still under warranty.

(Bedroom behind six center drawers)

(Right side of living slide behind dinette)

(Left side of living slide behind couch)

So, after looking at the damage and my RV in shambles as they had it torn apart to see the extent of the damage we had to figure out a plan. According to the service center any one item that is warranty and will take over 100 hours to repair is sent back to the actual production floor to be repaired. They said this repair would take 3-4 weeks. For the repair they will pull the slide and completely replace any walls/floors that had water damage or mold and they would completely tear out the interior portion of the bedroom wall and rebuild it in place. Now, this is where I become more concerned and say “aren’t they the ones that screwed it up to begin with? How do I know it will be fixed correctly?”. Their answer is that although it was being sent to the factory it is not the same factory workers. They have a team of technicians that were moved from the service center to the factory simply for these major repairs due to limited space at the service center.

According to Annie she has worked for the company for over 30 years and has never seen water damage/mold as bad as ours was. Truth in this statement? I don’t know… After they determined a plan for the repair they addressed our living situation. I had previously mentioned that we live in the unit and asked about a possible loaner. They did offer us a loaner/“stock” unit that they happened to have lying around. Some of you may know it…It is the same Bounder that Jason & Nikki Wynn of Gone with The Wynns lived in for a year to test and review. It is a 33C floorplan instead of our 35K which is a little smaller.

(Us in the loaner unit in Ohio)

We moved into the loaner and continued our trip to Ohio and then back to California. The agreement was that when repairs were all complete the RV would be shipped/returned to us in California and the shipper would take theirs back.

The repairs were supposedly complete after 4 weeks at the factory and the unit was returned to the service center. The service center then had a restoration type company come out to accomplish testing (Air and surface samples) inside the RV to ensure no mold was missed. They then cleaned the unit and accomplished a QC on all the systems to ensure that the no other obvious problems existed before shipping the unit back to us. This took another week or so and then it was headed back to us.

We received the unit back on a Saturday and it was even washed prior to delivery. While the major problem was fixed there were several items of concern still. For example, the dinette booth wasn't fully secured to the floor, Paint work had issues, just to name a couple items. Honestly it was the same quality issues that they have when they come off the line brand new.

I speak with Owner Relations and give them the list of items and we work out another appointment for October at their Oregon facility. Through working with Owner Relations and Dispute Resolutions we also come to an agreement that they will install the factory credenza, table and chairs while in Oregon at no charge for all the trouble we have gone through. Yes, I could have gone the legal route, but that isn't me and they have done a fair job at making it right(Not great though).

We arrive in Oregon and check in. The service adviser says "We don't have any of the parts here for this stuff and it will take several weeks to get it." Come to find out no one in the company ever had any of the furniture stuff built or ordered so it was impossible to be done in the week we were there. From what I understand, this was due to a breakdown in communication and standard practices between the two locations. I was pretty upset to say the least. The Oregon Service Center did however spend all week working on my warranty repairs and was able to correct everything. They even went out of their way to correct somethings that they really didn't have to do. In my opinion the Oregon Service Center did a better job than Indiana.

As we were preparing to leave I was chatting with the adviser in Oregon and supposedly the breakdown in communication for my trip made it all the way to the VP level and caused several conference meetings to address the issue. Hopefully things change for everyone else out of this!

So now the plan is that the Oregon facility will order and construct the Credenza, Table & Chairs then ship them to a dealer in my local area and pay the dealer to install the items in my RV. This is scheduled to be done on Dec 20th. The items have been shipped & delivered and I am off work that day to have it done. Finally and just in time for another trip in January!!!

Once done I will be putting together a video on the interior of our RV after all the changes. Keep an eye out for it!

Tell us your thoughts!