April 2017 Roadtrip

Who’s ready for our first post? Well here it goes…We spent the month of April on leave. We Started out in California where I am stationed at for the Air Force. From there we headed across the mountain pass on I-80 across Nevada to the Bonneville Salt Flats for our first sight to see, the speed way! Now it was a little wet so we couldn’t actually drive on the salt flats but we can say we have been there!

From there we continued across Utah & Wyoming up through South Dakota to Rapid City (AKA Mount Rushmore, The Black Hills & The Badlands). We arrived on a Sunday evening to an all but empty RV Park, it was very early in the season! We got settled and the next morning headed to the mountain for breakfast! The café at Mount Rushmore serves a very good breakfast (Biscuits & Gravy, Potatoes & Eggs) for a very reasonable price. We sat and ate while looking at the mountain side from our table. The snow had started falling as we arrived and by the time we were leaving you couldn’t see the mountain side anymore.

From there we left in the Bounder and headed to the scenic bypass for The Badlands National Park. The route took us on about a 35 mile detour through the park were we could see the rock formations and wildlife all throughout the park. This is where our main page photo came from!

After that we headed on to visit Shonda’s family in the Minneapolis area for a few days and then on to Indiana. In Indiana we first stopped just outside Chicago and spent a day on a bus tour through the city with dinner at the Hard Rock! Finally we made to Decatur, IN where the REV Group Service Center is located.

Our visit to the service center was simply for minor warranty items that needed fixed or so we thought. On Tuesday morning we were told that they found a problem that would take 3-4 weeks to repair(details in a later post). After getting a loaner RV setup and moved into and also spending time with Shonda’s family in the area we headed on to the Cincinnati area to spend time with our family and friends in that area.

Our vacation was almost over so after visiting in Cincinnati we pulled a cannonball stunt and sped across the country back to California in the matter of a couple days.

We hope you all enjoy the post and come back for more!

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